How it Works

  • After you have contacted me for a free consultation, We then discuss your musical requirements. Next we set up a file transfer system (there are several easy options available). You will then need to upload a wav or aif file(s) for tracking. (mp3ís can only be used for reviewing and reference, not recording)
  • I track. When your tracks are complete, I will upload a rough mix of the song into your folder, or e-mail you a mpu link to the mp3 rough mix where you can listen.
  • After discussing the mix and making any changes if necessary, ( will re-track up to two times if needed)
  • You approve the tracks.
  • I send you the tracks and you send me Payment, typically through paypal. Payment is not due until you are satisfied with the tracks produced from Sounds Select Music. For multiple songs 50% payment due prior to transferring.
  • All tracks created by Sounds Select are sole property of Sounds Select until payment is received, once payment is received the tracks become sole property of the artist. Your payment is a binding contract. There will be no refunds, adjustments, voids, or chargebacks. Your tracks will be provided in the file format you specified. For bundle and/or check orders, Your file(s) will be ready for download immediately after your payment has cleared. Tracks can also be burned to a CD in the file format of your choice and mailed to you if you prefer.


  • What do I need to send you?
    To record your tracks, you will need to upload a stereo wav or aif file(s) of your song to the folder that I create for you. Make sure to include in the file name the tempo/bpm. i.e. mysong124.aif

  • What style of music do you produce/record/write?
    Most styles know to the western culture! An example would be Jazz, smooth jazz, rock, funk, movie/TV sounds tracks, modern latin, music beds, percussive sound tracks.

  • How long will it take to record/produce my tracks?
    This depends on the complexity of your project and the amount of projects pending. Once we discuss your requirements, I will provide you with a specific time frame and cost.

  • What are your fees.
    My fees are established based on your specific needs. Typically fees start at $100.00 U.S. for one original song under 5 minutes long. Cover tunes starting at $50.00 for one song. 25% off if tracking more than one song at a time.

  • What if I don't like what you recorded/produced?
    If you don't like what I have produced for you, we will discuss it and I will re-track up to two times or until you are completely satisfied. There will be an extra charge for re-writes and changes made to the arrangement after final tracking has occurred. I will not, without discussing additional fees, retake over and over because you have either changed your mind from your original request, or you have some other unreasonable expectation.

  • Will I be able to load the tracks into a professional recording studio system?
    Yes. I will send you the tracks of the recording(s) in any bit-depth (16 or 24bit) and sample rate (44.1 or 48.1khz) you request. You may choose between free online delivery, or having a CD mailed to you. Using these files, you will be able to load the tracks easily into any professional recording studio system that is in a digital format. NOTE: You must be sure to load the tracks into your project at the same point where your song originally started.

  • What types of payments do you accept?
    We accept credit cards through PayPal, or you can mail a check. Your tracks will not be available to you until your check clears. The quickest method is paying by credit card via PayPal.

  • What rights and restrictions do I have on the tracks?
    You may not sell the tracks as stand alone tracks. You may sell them only if they are attached to the original song they have been recorded for. You may edit the tracks (including omitting them entirely), provided you do not use them, or any part of them in another song (i.e. you may only use the tracks in the song for which they were originally recorded). Recorded tracks are "work for hire", received payment releases all copyrights, publishing, royalties, etc... to YOU, unless previously discussed. In other words, once the tracks are payed for, they are sold to you, and you own them exclusively. There are no restrictions for Loops or Midi Programing.

  • Do I have to list you on the credits for the CD?
    No, but it would be nice if you did.

    Still have questions?

    Please email me at or contact me directly at (516)526-7725